Our experienced team can help you plan a COVID-safe event

​As we emerge from lockdown and begin to open up across Australia, events are making a comeback — providing us with much needed and missed opportunities for face-to-face interactions, celebrations and collaborations. For more than a year, these things have only been possible online, yet even now, the pandemic has not gone away and it’s not exactly business as usual!

In these uncertain days, it’s essential to keep everyone safe while holding a successful and memorable event. So, here are our top three tips for running a COVID-Safe event:

​Some events present a higher transmission…

​It’s no surprise that our industry quickly turned to the world of virtual events in order to survive 2020 — especially here in Melbourne, where we endured the longest lockdown in the country.

For producers like JTPM, online events presented an opportunity to thrive through the adversity, with a lot of learning and development that happened along the way. But as workers slowly return to the office and venues reopen — will online events remain as relevant and popular or has screen-fatigue finally settled in?

The zoom boom

We can’t deny the benefits of online events — connecting people on…

JT. Production Management

JT. Production Management provides services in producing, developing and managing of corporate, theatre and special events.

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